Washtenaw County 60+ Survey: Aging in Place

Blueprint for Aging and students at the University of Michigan School of Social Work, led by evaluationist Sue Ann Savas, teamed up to create, distribute, and analyze the 2016 Washtenaw County 60+ Survey. This project aimed to assess how Washtenaw County residents are aging in place with support from services provided by the county. With our work, our team attempted to create a standard to assess ability to age in place on a community level. 

The new survey administered used two scales, the OPQOL (Older Persons's Quality of Life) which had never been used on this large of a sample before, and the UCLA Brief Loneliness Scale in addition to demographic and open-ended questions.

As one of a small number of geriatric students, I led this project by educating my fellow students on the issues aging communities face by facilitating discussions to transfer skills of working with older adults. With my gerontology background, I provided the extra insight needed to create our survey and the context to interpret results. My knowledge and network of Washtenaw County aging service system and providers was crucial to communicating between community partners and preparing my team members.        

*Click below to see the evaluation plan & survey used.* 

Evaluation Plan

Washtenaw County 60+ Survey (2016)