Most of my work is fee-for-service, adaptable to project duration and client needs. Hourly rates are on a sliding scale depending on organization status and project tasks. I enjoy having both seasonal or year long projects as well as short working sessions to lend my niche expertise.  

Accessibility & Usability Evaluation

Not sure if your space or program properly serves people living with disability? I do general or in-depth assessments that take into account the built environment, policies, and operating procedures to help identify participation barriers. Flat rate includes a 1 hour meeting and an initial assessment and evaluation outline. Implementation is priced per hour per week. 

$400 + implementation (sliding scale)        


Working Sessions

No matter if you are in your research phase or have a system implemented, I meet teams where they are to offer insights and help refine working elements. First session is billed at a flat rate and includes a follow up summary with additional recommendations and resources. Next sessions are billed per hour. 

$175 for 2 hours + hourly rate (sliding scale)


Tailored Presentations & Workshops

New to thinking about age and ability? This is for groups who would like to learn more about a specific topic or are starting to investigate how our aging demographics impact their work, society, and home lives. Includes a 30 minute phone call and 1 hour in person workshop. Great for design and strategy teams interested in integrating more inclusive practices and serving people with extreme needs.       



Detroit Connector

Thinking about getting involved in Detroit or social impact work? I help connect people to key gatekeepers in the community across disciplines and industries as well as prepare them to responsibly enter communities as an outsider. I plan and facilitate phone and in-person meetings. I also take people on full-day tours to connect with a plethora of local change makers and get exposed to parts of our history and culture that is only shared through genuine relationship building. Flat rate for 30 minute call, additional time priced per hour.

$80 + hourly rate (sliding scale)