Village in the Woods, Jewish Senior Life

My first field placement upon entering graduate school for my Geriatric Fellowship was with a program called Village in the Woods under the agency Jewish Senior Life. 'Villages', are an up and coming model to create community later in life. Currently, there are 205 open villages and 150 in development. Villages are neighbors and friends that tap into the power of community to support one another as they age in place. My job, along with my supervisor, Shari, was to attend to our Village members during in home or office visits and provide any necessary intervention. I helped grow our Village by connecting with community members, local policy makers and planners, businesses and more. Each month, we refined our list of service providers to support our members needs.

Members were connected to concierge services that included everything from electricians, physicians, social programming, and discounted community events. The safety and security the collective community provided was invaluable and will remain vital as our Village members grow older.