fneUM: Friends-New England, at the University of Michigan.            fneUM

After becoming the Fundraising chair for ATRAVES at the University of Michigan, a small student organization partnered with a community and agency located in Managua, Nicaragua, the agency closed due to internal matters, thus ending our 7 year partnership. After a year and multiple trips to meet and form relationships with new communities, our board decided to partner with Friends-New England International (Fne Int. based in Chacreseca, Nicaragua. FriendsNE

As a student organization, each year we form a delegation of students at the University of Michigan who will travel and spend the month of May living and working in Chacreseca. As a board and with our tools, we train and support the delegation, fundraise, and design our projects based on what our partners on the ground identify as key issues.  Since our board and delegation is relatively small, 10 board members, 10-15 delegation members, we are able to remain close to our partners and grow in solidarity, ensuring our projects are implemented responsibly and ethically. I became the Community & Outreach Chair for FneUM from 2014-2015.