Ageing Asia Innovation Forum, Singapore                

April 2016

I was granted a press pass to attend the 7th annual Ageing Asia Innovation Forum hosted in Singapore in exchange for centralizing speaker data and writing articles for Ageing Asia Alliance's online journal.

The conference was widely attended by aging service providers and business professionals from across all seven continents. The theme was Integrated Care & Ageing Friendly Communities, while the international presence allowed for global exchange and the sharing of best practices.  

Since Asia Pacific can be considered home of top technologies and innovations of all kinds, dozens of inventions that can support our aging process were on display. Although technology has enabled us to extend the years in our lives, I believe that technology or a product is not a solution to our needs, rather a part of a greater solution.  


Pepper is programmed for a range of functions including leading group exercises in a number of languages, monitoring health, and recording community data. Not to mention, this goofy-bot sparks joy in any passerby. 

Before attending this conference, I frequently spoke of the ethical dilemmas surrounding robot-caregiving. I strongly paralleled my concerns with society's constant outsourcing of elder care with innovations like Pepper. However, little did I feel objectified by Pepper's presence. Rather, interacting with a robot that sensed my hesitation and responded with a wave and a little dance made me marvel and awe. Considering the integrated and culturally relative role that technology plays in nations like Japan can positively support ethical evaluations of innovations such as Pepper.   

Ageing Asia Innovation Forum April 2014

Ageing Asia Alliance Journal, June/July 2016

The above below were taken from Ageing Asia Alliance journal that I contributed to (June/July 2016 Issue).