Ani Grigorian

I have a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan, specializing in community organizing and aging with a Geriatric Fellowship. I am a bridge-builder with a passion for bringing people together from across disciplines to engage in innovative and holistic problem solving. Although a native of the Detroit area, I traveled around the world with my expatriate family and was exposed from a young age to the power of cultural exchange. My current projects center on building mobility ecosystems so that communities become more accessible and sustainable to support all needs. 

As an environmental gerontologist, I work to create environments that support our changing needs as we age, and improve how we interact with our environments including assistive devices and adaptive technologies. I apply this framework to design new mobility ecosystems and smart city infrastructure with an equity, aging, and access lens.  Building Aging-Friendly communities is key to create environments that facilitate mobility, and keep us living high quality lives until we grow old.