Hi, I’m Ani G.

I am a Geriatric Social Worker designing environments, systems, and services to be inclusive to older adults and people living with disability. I operate my own consulting company positioned as a bridge between Aging and Disabled communities and people intending to design with and serve them. I also work to bring people into these spaces. This allows me to work with all different people and inject elements of inclusive and universal design into different places.   

Aside from a niche perspective, my social work is rooted in community organizing and clinical therapy. I bring people together across fragmented industries to translate a common language and facilitate common goals, building systems level solutions. 

To read more, please see my interview with Studio Analogous on Smart Mobility & Inclusive Design.


My practice areas



  • Inclusive mobility service design

  • Accessible vehicle design

  • Automated & connected vehicles

  • Smart & complete streets

  • Fleet management & operations

  • Operating technologies

  • Mobility as a Service



  • Environmental Gerontology

  • Age-Friendly cities

  • Technology, innovation & ethics

  • Housing & Aging in place

  • Product, service, & system design

  • Assistive & adaptive devices

  • Policy


Inclusive & Universal Design:

  • Genuine, sustainable relationship building

  • Person-centered

  • Building codes & ADA

  • Removing environmental/systemic barriers

  • Fostering a sense of belonging

  • User experience